CND Citrus Spa Pedicure Upgrade!

Upgrade your pedicure service to a Nirvana Pedicure! Using our new CND citr​us soak, scrub and mask get your toes ready for the fall season! Can be added on to any pedicure for $10!

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CND Treasured Moments Shellac Collection

 Warm up this fall with the new CND Shellac Treasured Moments Collection. A long wear formula that comes in 5 warm toned shades. Take a walk down memory lane with these vintage inspired shades that will bring back your fondest memories.

OPI Scotland Collection

Travel to Scotland this fall with the new OPI Scotland polish collection. Explore the Scottish landscape with shades that range from cool tone blues and fiery reds and oranges. This collection is perfect for the fall season whether you're going to brunch in your favorite kilt, playing the bagpipes or hunting the Loch Ness Monster! Fall in love with the beauty of Scotland!

CND I Do! Shellac Collection

Say I DO, to the new shellac collection from CND. This long wear polish comes in 4 stunning neutral shades to make everyone feel like it's their big day! Whether it's a perfect nude shade or a pop of pink this collection is perfect for everyday glam or for a ritzy special occasion. 

OPI Bare for You Collection

Looking to fall back in love with neutrals? This new OPI polish collection is perfect! Choose from 6 subtle shades including nude, blush pink and lilac that will make any occasion a special one!